Rock Solid Scheduled Powershell Scripts

Room: Shift

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Automate Everything

For years we SQL people have used the SQL Agent to schedule tasks.

We know exactly how to organise the steps and how to configure them.

Reporting success or failure through email is easy for us because we know how to setup dbmail. But the first attempt to write some Powershell and schedule it in the Windows Task Scheduler feels like 3 steps back for us.

How do you handle errors, retry certain parts, make sure some logging happens in a file, and email what happened?
And where do you store credentials safely?

This session discusses all those things which look like they should be basic knowledge, but they can be challenging to put together.

Based on a practical example, let’s write some PowerShell together which is solid, restartable, understandable and is not a million lines of code.

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